Our rooms

All our staff will strive to ensure that your child enjoys their experience at nursery by forming good relationships and friendships with both staff and their peers.

We offer flexible sessions, please ask for details.

Our staff at Straylands Day Nursery consist of mature, experienced qualified and knowledgeable Nursery Practitioners who work together as a team to provide high standards of care and education.

Our Baby Room (0-18 months approx)

Our baby room is brightly decorated with mirrors and pictures and activities are planned to help stimulate your baby.

The nursery staff who care for the babies are qualified in all aspects of child care and development and will ensure your baby gets all the stimulation, care, comfort and attention they need.

We follow your baby’s home routines to ensure they settle into Straylands Day Nursery well. A daily diary will be kept on your baby, giving details of when and how long your baby has slept, how much they have eaten, how much milk they have had and the activities they have been involved in, a copy of which is given to you at the end of the day.


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Our Toddler Room (18 months-30 months approx)

A daily diary is also kept on your child in this room so we can inform you of your child’s day, you will receive a copy when you pick up your child.


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In our toddler room your child will be offered a carefully designed programme of activities both adult and child led to provide every opportunity to develop your child’s skills and knowledge through play.

Your child will be treated as an individual and will be encouraged to develop at his or her own pace. Again your child’s development will be assessed and recorded and discussed with you on a daily basis.

A relaxed routine is followed in this room to keep your child stimulated throughout the day with a wide variety of activities on offer.

Meal and snack times are taken together to provide opportunities for social interaction.


 All our staff will strive to ensure that your child enjoys their experience at nursery by forming good relationships and friendships with both staff and their peers.


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Our Pre-School Room (30 months - 5 yrs approx)

Our pre-school room is always a hive of activity.

Our activities promote the Early Years Foundation Stage set out by the Department of Education. We are registered with OFSTED, and have an excellent educational report. Our educational programme is planned with our local schools head teachers.

We have regular activity sessions that include;



Tool time

Library visits

 and heuristic play.

The children are encouraged to join in with focus activities as well as select and lead their own play. Resources and materials are changed regularly according to your child’s interests and needs.

Our staff have worked hard to achieve the

 ‘Steps To Quality’ award run by The City of York Council.


This has been developed by the Early Years Team  to give parents Quality Assurance in their child’s  care and education.

We are pleased to be registered with York Mumbler

Mumbler is your local parenting community with many listed businesses that are recommended by parents.

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Our Pets

We have many pets and encourage the children to feed and look after the animals on a daily basis, to learn about care and responsibility.


We have lots of fish, our Hamster, Gerbils Anna and Elsa.

What parents say about our nursery..

"Absolutely phenomenal nursery full of people who care and opportunities for children to grow."

Riëtte Reneé-Anne Phillips


"Straylands is an excellent nursery. It has such a lovely family feel and all the staff know the children so well.

The home cooked food is excellent and my daughter loves every day she goes.

The activities are fun, the outside space and facilities are loved by the children and sometimes they don’t want to come home!"

A happy parent

"My daughter is 4 years old and has Down Syndrome.

She’s been attending Straylands Day Nursery for nearly 4 years now.


I can’t sing their praises enough and how brilliant all the staff are with her. Her development has come on so much over the last few years and this is partly due to them. The nursery staff liaise with other bodies who are involved with her including SALT, Physio and OT and take on board their comments so her goals are always moving.

She also has one to one sessions away from the rest of the group on a weekly basis.


The nursery confer with myself with what equipment needs to be purchased with her funding, this has resulted in various things including a tricycle, a potty (identical to the one we have at home) and her own tablet.


My daughter also has Coeliac disease and they have taken everything on board with what she can and can’t eat to ensure she has the same as all the other children."


My little boy started Straylands in September he is 3 years old , he has a few issues as he does not talk yet, he communicates in his own little way by the signs and noises he makes. We are unsure if the hospital consultant is going down a route of autism testing  with him so when it came to choosing a nursery we looked into a few.

The school Nursery was never going to be any good for him at  this stage so I looked around Straylands, my son seemed to like it, and my first thoughts were yes I like this nursery with very friendly staff so we signed him up.


He was upset at first, but then he started to settle really well! That's all down to the amazing staff who help him and look after him, and take the time to give him a hug if he needs, the children are great  and make him feel happy and its a big reassurance to me to knowing he's happy , its a really cosy feel nursery and not over crowded, each child gets the attention they need and they all get great meals too.

Straylands definitely gets a 10 out of 10 from Freddie's mum and dad we can not thank the staff enough


...Great job to them all

Emma Quarrell

My daughter Skyla (aged 4) has attended straylands since she was 10months old and I couldn’t be happier with the time she has spent here.

It’s puts me at ease to know that my daughter is extremely happy and very well looked after each and everyday. All the staff here are absolutely AMAZING, so friendly, welcoming and extremely supportive, they all show genuine interest and care towards Skyla and her developments and progression.

My daughter has additional needs and the staff here have gone above and beyond to help in anyway they can and have been a huge support to us as parents aswell.

The nursery are fantastic at communicating and I am always given a detailed account of Skyla’s day, which I look forward to hearing, and everyday Skyla does something new and different.

It’s very clear to see the hard work, time and effort the staff put into creating a positive, fun environment for the children.


Highly recommend !

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